Do you spend a lot of time on repetitive manual tasks?
Then use Microsoft Power Automate.
Sending notifications, registering new leads, approval processes, ... you can automate all this with this user-friendly online platform.

A Microsoft Power Automate mobile app is also available on Android, iOS and Windows Phone.
This way you can activate and manage workflows in a secure manner, wherever and whenever you want.


Automate quickly and digitize

Microsoft Power Automate requires little or no coding knowledge. You can choose from a variety of free templates. These are ready-to-use workflows for common and popular scenarios, such as receiving a notification every time a new lead is added to Dynamics 365. You can also start from scratch and build your own specific workflow.

Integration with +150 apps and services

With Microsoft Power Automate you can connect to more than 150 on-premises and cloud apps and services , such as Facebook, Sharepoint, Outlook, Microsoft Teams and of course Microsoft Dynamics 365 . In Dynamics 365, there is a built-in Power Automate feature to trigger workflows from Dynamics 365. At the end of 2019, RPA (Robotic Process Automation) was also added to Power Automate, to automate tasks or processes with legacy systems that do not support API connection.

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