Get inspired by the customer story for the University of Antwerp.
Microsoft Dynamics is used to efficiently manage the more that 65.000 contacts and streamline communication.

Higher productivity

As a higher education institution, you manage a lot of information about people. Is your organization struggling to manage all this data correctly? Does each department work on its own island and does this lead to frustrated employees and students? Gold Microsoft Partner Net IT helps you to overcome these challenges. With Microsoft Dynamics 365, we enable you to centralize information and automate your digital marketing. This way you can better manage your communication with students, staff, alumni and donors.


Student management

Enable a more personalized omnichannel service for students to support them in the most optimal way. In Dynamics 365, we provide you with a 360° view on student in every stage of their journey from prospective student to alumnus. This way, you understand them better and are able to deliver an improved customer experience.

Valérie Gillis Coordinator external communication
“I would certainly recommend Net IT to other companies considering adapting or starting up a CRM system.”

References Higher Education

Thomas More

Thomas More trusts Net IT for the centralization of relationship management and digital communication.

Hasselt University

Hasselt University supports internal and external communication processes with Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

University of Antwerp

University of Antwerp applies Microsoft Dynamics CRM to efficiently manage all contact details and streamline communication processes.

Vlerick Business School

Vlerick Business School manages strategic business processes via Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

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