Empower organizations to enable digital sales transformation and enable them to stay agile and meet buyers where they are. An insights-based collaborative sales acceleration solution that applies AI to customer interactions, marketing, and sales data to target opportunities and recommend the next best actions, with seamless collaboration for a faster close. With unified relationship data across the full customer lifecycle, organizations can utilize AI to generate actionable insights and create more meaningful customer connections.

By focusing on the right deals, along with all the relevant background information, you shorten the sales cycle.


Everything on your smartphone

You have all the contact information, reports, campaigns, your pipeline, documents and appointments always at hand. This can go beyond just sales information, because the more information sources you integrate with CRM, the more you can access and update on the go.

Real-time sales reports

You always have a recent overview of the sales figures. This allows you to compare performance with results and targets by sector and by salesperson, by team and by geographical area.

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