As a customer-focused service organization, you face major challenges.
Every day you strive for more efficient processes, lower costs, higher productivity and, of course, excellent customer service.
You are always looking for ways to do even better.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service helps you take steps forward, from workflow automation, scheduling algorithms to mobility.
The smart features of Dynamics 365 Field Service help you to transform your organization from a reactive to proactive service policy.


Intelligent resource planning

Dynamics 365 Field Service includes intelligent resource planning and ensures you send the right technician, with the right skills and experience. Also, use the built-in, interactive map to schedule the closest and most available employees and minimize travel times.

Predictable and proactive service

Using IoT sensors, you detect problems before the customer even notices them. By offering proactive help, you can take customer satisfaction to a high level. Thanks to Connected Field Service, you also ensure that you only have to send a technician when it is really necessary.

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