You know that content is king to attract new customers.
You respond to the challenges your potential customers are struggling with and you prove your expertise and experience.
Your website is central to this. You have ensured that your content is easy to find and through various channels you bring visitors to your website.
But how do you convert anonymous website visitors into leads? And what do you do with the leads you generate?
Giving every lead to sales is certainly not always the right way.
Salespeople are allergic to leads with too little potential,
because they want to spend their precious time as efficiently as possible.


Generating and following up leads

Are you struggling to convert your website visitors into customers? Marketing automation in CRM helps you with this. By providing all the necessary tools to build landing pages and lead forms, to automate your email marketing, to follow up on leads in detail and to feed them with personalized and relevant email campaigns and to finally pass them on to sales.

Focusing on the right leads

With marketing automation, you have the tools to feed leads automatically with relevant messages. Depending on how a lead responds to this messages, your CRM tool can automatically determine if this lead is interesting or not. Marketing automation helps you by automatically calculating a lead score. Only leads with a high score are interesting.

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