To define the next step of digital transformation in your organization, we follow the proven, innovative approach called Microsoft Catalyst.
Net IT consultants are trained in this methodology that applies the principles of "design thinking"
We start from your current work situation (AS IS) to design a new and improved way of working that will enable you to achieve more.
While designing your new digital workspace, we continuously focus on business value

Approach by Microsoft Catalyst

Microsoft Catalyst is a method developed by Microsoft to help companies with digital transformation. Core element of this approach is the "IDEA Framework". The acronym IDEA stands for the 4 phases Inspire, Design, Empower & Achieve:

  • Inspire: imagine a future state for your business.
  • Design: discover what's possible by aligning technology investments to business goals.
  • Empower: empower others in your organization to see the value.
  • Achieve: achieve business outcomes and improved customer experiences.

Net IT guides and consults

Net IT is a business/IT partner who helps you to:

  • think where, how and to what extent technology can add value for your business?
  • define the roadmap from your current worksituation to a new and improved digital workspace.
  • define business priorities: what needs to be tackled first and how can the project be split into phases?
  • determine the solution that best fits your needs, taking into account the maturity of your organization and current IT infrastructure.
  • cluster and prioritize the needs and wants from the different stakeholders in your organization and align business needs.
  • deliver a clear view on the cost, the expected return and the project timeline.

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